Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Picketts or Piggotts migrated from England to Indiana, via Maryland and North Carolina.

I am back from vacation!  We spent a week being lazy and hanging out at the beach.  I didn't get time to do any genealogy.  I will be back to work on it this week.

Today, I am writing about the Piggotts.  I have traced my line of Piggotts to the Sussex area of England in the early 1600's.  My 6th great grandfather, John Piggott,  moved his family to America and my 5th great grandfather was born in Cecil, Maryland.  This Piggott line were Quakers.  

My 5th great grandfather, Benjamin Piggott, moved to Orange, North Carolina where my 4th great grandfather was born.  

My 4th great grandfather, Joshua Piggott, raised his family in Orange, North Carolina, where his son Joshua, my 3rd great grandfather, was born.

My 3rd great grandfather, Joshua Piggott,  moved to Randolph County, in Indiana, where his son Benjamin N. Pickett was born in 1827. 

My 2nd great grandfather, Benjamin N. Pickett, from a long line of Quakers, married my 2nd great grandmother, Martha Jane Eccles, who also had descended from her own line of Quakers.  I believe this is where the Piggotts started using the Pickett name.  

It has been difficult to trace the correct line of Pickett/Piggott's because it seems that most lines named one of their son's Benjamin.  So there are several cousins with the name Benjamin.  My 2nd great grandfather used Benjamin N. to identify himself, but sometimes the person writing the name down did not use the N.  One the Piggotts came to Indiana there is a large group that stayed in the Randolph/Wayne county area of Indiana.  My Pickett line stayed in Wayne County up until my mother left Wayne County to marry my father.

If you have Piggott/Picketts in that area we are probably related.

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