Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Manis Clan

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As far as I have been able to find out the Manis family did start out as a clan.  They were Scottish and they started with the name Manus.  They were a part of the Clan Gun Manus.

In studying the Manis family, I have found more news stories than I expected.  

My 3 great grandfather was abused by his third wife and youngest daughter.  The abuse brought on his death.   It was written about in the Anderson paper.

I have also found articles on Perry Manis,   He was my 1 cousin 4X removed.  He committed a murder.  He abducted a woman and killed her.  They didn't find her body for a while.  After he was in jail, he attempted jail break, but was caught.  The murder happened in Terre Haute, Indiana, but was even published about in the New York Times.

Recently, I have found 2 more accounts of Manis's committing murder or at least killing someone.  In one account two young men get in an argument and one shoots the other.  Apparently in self-defense.  The main witness was the brother of the man doing the shooting.

The second murder was a man, Lester Manis, who threw his wife out of the car and killed her.  He left her laying on the road.  He told his son that his mother fell out of the car.  

With these two Manis's I am still working on them and their family connection.  I know they are connected.  They came from the same area as my 3 great grandfather's brother, Carter Manis.  The town was very small, it still isn't large.  I am sure they are related.

There is more work to do one these last two stories, but I am amazed at what all I have found on the Manis family.  Thank goodness some of these are distantly related.  It does add color to the family tree and the information if easily found.   I'm just happy that it didn't occur in my direct line.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Family Research in Anderson, Indiana

I went to Anderson, Indiana to do some research the other day.  I found it to be different than the other places I have gone.  

At the Department of Health in Anderson, they will not let you look at the books.  They make you fill out a request form with the information and they will look it up for you.  I was a little disappointed.  The other places I have been have allowed me access to the books.  

They allow 5 requests per visit.  They will only do look-ups from 9-11 in the mornings and from 2:30-3 in the afternoons.  They charge $5 for the 5 look-ups.  If you want certificates they are $10.00 each.

I was able to get some information.

I found a death record for my 2nd Great Grand Aunt Orlena Manis Crickmore.  It had her father, my 3rd Great Grandfather listed, and his place of birth as Tennessee, which corroborated other information that I had for him.  It also listed her husband, Wash F. Crickmore.  I had found a marriage record for the two of them, I had heard that they had split up, but he was still listed on her death record.  She died from Tuberculosis of the Lungs.

I also found a death record from my 3rd Great Grandfather, Joseph Manis's 3rd wife.  The book that would have had the death record for Joseph was missing.  

I also found records for the youngest children of Joseph Manis.  He was 55 and 58 when they were born.

Herman Haskins Manis and Ada Alice Manis Scott both lived into the 1960's.  So my 2nd great grand aunt and uncle were still alive when I was a young teenager.  I wish I had been able to track them before they died.  That would have been interesting.  

I went to the Anderson Public Library and found some obituaries on microfilm.  

I was able to find a story about the death of Joseph Manis.  I had seen the story in the past, but this was the first time I had actually seen it in the original newspaper.  I found obituaries on Herman Manis, Ada Manis, and Elmer Crickmore.  Elmer was the son of Orlena Crickmore, Joseph's daughter from his first marriage.

Here is the Joseph Manis story.