Sunday, June 30, 2013

Who Do You Think You Are?? - Anderson, Indiana

Who Do You Think You Are?

The Herald Bulletin in Anderson, Indiana has just started a new series that will trace the genealogy of some of Madison County, Indiana's better known citizens.  

Beth Oljace, a librarian and genealogist, who works at the Indiana Room at the Anderson Public Library is the writer of the series and I believe the main researcher.

I have spent time at the library and Beth is always a major help with any research.

The series researches the family history of the Mayor of Anderson, Kevin Smith.

She has broken down the research to show his father's Smith line, and his mother's Althouse line.

On his father's family line they were traced back to Elijah Conn, a Civil War veteran, who served for seven months with the Ohio 194th Infantry.

On his mother's family line they were traced to several people with connections to the Revolutionary War.  There is a possibility that they were related to Ethan Allen.

If you need information in the Madison County/Anderson area, Beth is a great person to contact to help you with your research.

I think it is really exciting that shows like Who Do You Think Your Are have been generating more interest in searching for family history.  

I would love to have added the article from the newspaper, but I do not want to violate copyright laws.  Here is the link to the online version.


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  2. Where I live, settled largely 1870s, there are perhaps two dozen Ur families whose marriages since would encompass today's significant property / business owners, by descent or marriage.
    When were your area towns settled? I can only think they'll make even more people and historical connections.
    One of my ancestors, Samuel Pope, died at Shelbyville, 1837. His name was once on a Library plaque of Revolutionary War veterans. I'm probably related to a large number in Shelby County, still. Pope's are certainly still in the area. That's kinda how migrations work.
    Good call on ©, too :-)