Monday, March 4, 2013

Update on My Cousin Who Found Me Through My Blog!

I have posted on a cousin who found me through my blog.  I posted a story here. And a follow up to it here.

He sent me an email with files when I first contacted him back.  We have talked on the phone.  I have been on email with him this week.  He hasn't sent anything in the mail yet.  He is getting together a packet to send. He hasn't sent anything because he is working on additional lines of my family.  On my mother's father's side the families are all Quaker.

He has information on my Huddleston line that he has worked on for years.  He is now researching the Hoover's and the Pickett's.  He said that I will be very happy with what he has found so far.  I was at a standstill with my great grandfather Hoover.  He has been very difficult to trace.  He when his children were very young.

I had finally figured out which Pickett my great great grandfather belonged with.  It was difficult because every family named one son Benjamin.  And several lines lived in the Richmond, Indiana area.  He does agree with me that I have located the correct Benjamin.

I am very anxious to get a packet in the mail from him.  I can't wait to see what all he has.  He is sending several cd's with information.

I feel like a child at Christmas waiting for Santa to come.


  1. Hope you don't have to wait long! We decided to get a kitten and my son is so excited, he is having a hard time waiting for kitten season (May). He sent me a text yesterday comparing his wait to my having to wait for information about a great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. It was so cute, he tried to find an analogy that would help me understand how excited he was and he picked genealogy!

    1. I know. I have been trying not to think about it too much.

      I love the story about your son and his understanding of how you feel about your genealogy research.

  2. Always awesome to find cousins with new info!

  3. Yes he has been researching for 43 years. He is so much fun to talk to. He has lived through a lot of history.