Friday, January 25, 2013

How do I climb the family tree?

I have been trying to figure where to go from here.  Do I switch now to my grandmother's parents and family or do I continue up from where I am on my grandfather's side?  I don't know how to keep some kind of rhythm in the process.  I don't want to confuse everyone with the relationships.

How do other people do this?

Any suggestions??

My though is to switch over and put in my other great grandparents and their direct families   Doing this I would switch back and forth between families at each level.  Then maybe it would be better to go down each family line, even though then I still come to lines splitting at each generational level.

Oh well, if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.


  1. I have been researching both sides of my family for 14 years, or so. I will work on a line for awhile until I reach a brick wall and become frustrated. I take some time off, then come back to my tree and look into a line I haven't viewed in awhile. And so on and so on. Hang in there will find a rhythm

  2. I think you are right. I decided that I am going to write about what feels right at the time. Some places I have more information than others. Some stories are more interesting. I think in just this short time I have figured out a little bit about what you really feel like writing about, otherwise it is difficult to write.

    Do you think I should post some form of family tree.

    Thanks for your comment, it is great to get imput from people with experience.


  3. Some people do one generation at a time, e.g. all the grandparents, then all the great-grandparents, etc. I'm at a point now where I research what I can depending upon what repository I'm at and/or how much time I have for personal research. Do what feels right! Sometimes we're pulled toward a certain family, and sometimes our research allows us to work on several generations of the same family at one time. Just have fun with it, and I'm sure you'll do just fine.

  4. If your question is about where to research next, I'm with Dawn... it depends upon what repository or records I'm using. I like to search for 'everyone' that might be in a particular record at one time rather than come back again and again. Especially since a) getting to a microfilm reader is difficult with small children under foot and b) the other records are a full-day drive from my home. So I'm with Dawn... it depends on time and what resource I'm searching.

    As far as what to write about... go where the stories lead you. Use tags on your post to indicate which family you're talking about. If you want to create a mini-tree, one of my favorite bloggers will do the following:

    Devon Lee -> Penny Brown -> Agnes Anderson -> Wm Anderson.

    That serves as her 'tree' on her posts. I think it works well. You can also link to previous posts for any person you've already written about. That way, if I wanted to learn more about Agnes (in my case above), I would click on the link for Agnes and be taken to a previous post about Agnes, even though the post I started out was about Penny.

    I hope that helps.

  5. Thanks for the imput Devon! I have been thinking about collecting the stories some way and keeping them private. At least when they are gone I will have them.