Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jim Hoover's Little Sister - Martha Elma Hoover Solomon

The youngest child of Frank & Lulu Hoover is Martha.  Martha was born September 21, 1894 in Richmond, Indiana.

Martha was married to William Solomon on October 12, 1911.  Bill and Martha were married several years and had no children.

In late 1930, Martha's niece, Anna Kortright Adams, died from tuberculosis.  Anna had an eight month old son and her husband wasn't able to raise him by himself.  Martha and Bill said they would take him and take care of him for awhile.  He lived with them until he was nineteen years old.  Their foster son, Jim, has given me some family information and pictures.

Martha died on October 31, 1959.  She is buried at Glen Haven Memorial Gardens in Richmond, Indiana.

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