Monday, January 7, 2013

My mother's brother, Robert James Hoover

I don't know much about my Uncle Bob yet. I am still trying to get to know him. I remember seeing him one time. He stopped by to visit when I was around 10. The only thing I really remember was that he was so tall! I think his wife came with him that day. He must have died within a few years of that time. I have been working trying to find out what I can about him.

Bob was born on 24 Jul 1913. He was the oldest child and only son of Jim and Ethel Hoover. When he was 21 he married Dorothy Knight. They had one son, Robert Jr, born in 1936. If I ever met his son I don't remember it. I understand that mom used to visit with Dorothy when they were older. I know she always liked Dorothy. Bob and Dorothy divorced, I haven't been able to find out when yet. Still searching! Bob married a second time when he was 38 to Helen. I don't know if that was his only other marriage or not. As far as I know Bob only had one son. His son had a few boys, according to my cousin Carolyn. Carolyn said they lived in Cambridge City at the same time she did. There is a Daryl Ray Hoover buried next to Uncle Bob at Chester Cemetery who I believe is a grandson.

In the records that I have found Uncle Bob is listed as a maintenance man and a mechanic. He had quit attending school by the time he was 16 according to the census in 1930. My brother, Kenny recalls that he spent a lot of time traveling around the country. Kenny was in the hospital in Indianapolis at one time and remembers Uncle Bob coming to visit. At the time of his first marriage he is listed as living in Jasonville, Indiana. When he married his second wife they were in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was listed in city directories in Fort Wayne a couple of times.

As I continue my research I hope to find more information and to located some of his surviving grandchildren.

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