Monday, January 28, 2013

Update on earlier post: It is a 1916 Indiana

My earlier post Is this motorcycle an Indian received an answer.  Tim Baer from A Century of Motorcyling had the answer.  I sent him a link and asked him for his expert opinion and here it is!  As you can see this motorcycle is older so I still am not sure when the picture was taken.  I know my grandmother died in 1935, so it is pre-1935.

Hi Betty, (Nice name, are you a member of the Betty Club)
I did a little research and this is what I found.
Your Indian is 1916.
The rear leaf spring was introduced in 1913.
The handlebar crossbar was first used in 1914.
The rear of the front fender is flaired, that started in 1916.
The motor is a 61 cubic inch V-twin.
I could tell more if I could see the other side of the motorcycle.
The sidecar is not Indian brand, the front curve of the nose is verticle. All indian sidecars had a horizontal bend.
I tried to add the info to your web site, No luck
Thanks for asking
Tim Baer
A Century of Motorcycling

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