Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Mother's Kortright and White Cousins

Luella Hoover's children were quite spread out over the years. Her first three children were with her first husband John J Kortright. She had James on July 5, 1907. James married Letha Bane. After Letha died he married Betty. He lived in Richmond, Indiana most of his life. He retired from Alcoa. James died at the age of 78 in September 1985.

Her oldest daughter Elizabeth Kortright was born in Richmond on Feb 28, 1908. Elizabeth married Horace Webb. They had 5 children. They lived in Mooresville, Indiana. Elizabeth died April 4, 1965.
Anna Kortright, Elizabeth Kortright & Richard White

Luella's second daughter Anna Kortright was born in Richmond, Indiana. She was born in Richmond around 1911. She married Earl Adams. They had one son before she died with tuberculosis in the early 1930's. Her son was 8 months old at the time of her death. Her Aunt Martha raised him.

Luella married Homer White and they had 6 children together. Of those 6 only 2 survived beyond age 2.

Richard White was born in 1917. He married Dorothea. they lived in the Richmond, Indiana area. he died in 1989.

Paul White was the youngest of her children. Paul was born in 1928. He is a retired minister and is living in Illinois.

The children who died young were:

  • Rail White, born approximately 1920
  • Stillborn Infant, born approximately 1922
  • Donald E. White, born 1925, died 1926
  • Mary Jo White, born 1926, died 1928
It would have been hard to go through the deaths of so many children.  

The picture at the top of the page is Anna Kortright, Elizabeth Kortright, and Richard White in front of the house that a lot of the family lived in at different times.  It was the home of  Lulu and Arthur Pickett, but other family members lived in part of it at different times.

The following picture shows the fathers of the Kortright and White children.  From left to right is Homer "Jack" Kortright holding one of his children (unidentified), John Kortright, and Jim Hoover with one of his children (unidentified).

Homer "Jack White", John Kortright, and Jim Hoover.


  1. Are you absolutely certain that all of the White children died?

  2. The reason I'm asking is because I'm trying to find my grandpa's birth family... From what everyone has said, he was abandonned in a hotel/motel back in 1928 and then adopted by my great-grandparents... his name is also Donald White... If you have any information on this or would like to chat further, I would really appreciate you emailing me back... I can't find anything about his mom except maybe her name was Hazel... Your help would really help me out...