Monday, January 21, 2013

My Brick Wall - Frank W Hoover

Okay this is where I get frustrated.  My grandfather's dad died when he was just three years old.  It seems there is very little information about him.  

Frank W Hoover was born either in Virginia or Kentucky, records indicate one or the other at different times.  He was born on October 21, 1853.  Since information is very scarce I have not been able to locate him on any census records.  I have located  marriage records in Wayne County.  Apparently he was married  three times in a short number of years.  I wasn't sure that all the records were for the same man at first.  As I continued to search and collect information I have come to believe they are all the same Frank Hoover.  

His first marriage was to Lizzie E Moore on May 16, 1885.  On the records for this marriage it says he is a farmer in Wayne County, Indiana.  It is his first marriage. He is 32 years old and he was born in Kentucky.  He father is Stanton Hoover and his mother is Katherine Wallen.  

His second marriage was to Lizzie Robertson on September 29, 1987.  On the records for this marriage it says he is a farmer in Richmond, Indiana.  This one says his third marriage.  He is 34 years old and he was born in Virginia.  His father is Stanton Hoover and his mother is Catherine Walden.

The third marriage is to my great grandmother Lulu Pickett.  They married on September 3, 1891.  The records for this marriage indicate that he is laborer in Richmond, Indiana.  This one also says it is his third marriage.  His age is 38 years old and he was born in Virginia.  This time his father is George Hoover and his mother is Catherine Ward.  

I have been searching for records on Lizzie Moore and Lizzie Robertson.  I don't know if they died or remarried, but I have not located anything on either of them.

So here is my dilemma, is this the same man.  If you are reading this blog and you have an opinion on this please comment.  I would love to have other opinions from people who have been doing this for a while.

On each of his children's birth certificates there is also conflicting information.  On his daughter Luella's record it says he is 32 and born in Virginia.  At that time he would have been 39.  On his son Jim's record it says he is 40, which would be correct, but says he is born in Kentucky.  On his third child Martha's record it say 41, also correct, and has no birth place.

Frank's death record has no information about his birth at all and no parents listed.  He died from meningitis. 

I have a cousin who says that when she was younger she wrote to a man in California who was Jim Hoover's brother and his name was John.  I do know that Lulu did not have any other children with Frank.  So is John a son of Frank and one of the Lizzie's?   I have not been able to collect any other information on this John.  My cousin said that at one time their house burned and all the letters were lost. She lost contact with him after that and she does not remember many details about him.  I do know that when my mother wrote down family information she did not mention a John Hoover.  Another lost trail??

Frank is buried in Chester Cemetery next to my great great grandmother Martha Jane Eccles Pickett.


  1. Well, if you are sure that your great-grandmother was Lulu then I would say it is the same man. I did a search on FamilySearch and found the following:

    Could this death record be for Lizzie Moore Hoover? The person listed is named Mary Elizabeth Hoover.

    Could this death record be for Lizzie Robertson Hoover?

    The location, dates of birth and dates of death make sense if they died and Frank remarried soon after their deaths. (Please excuse me if you have already found and discounted these!) Good luck!

    1. Heather,

      Thanks so much for your time in researching these. I think you may be correct. I do know the one for Lulu is definitely my great grandmother. I think I may need to find these death certificates in Richmond to see what they say. Maybe if I'm lucky they will have some more information.


    2. I've also included this post on my Friday Favorites for January 25. Hopefully you'll get some more leads!