Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lester Parker "Pop" Mannis (Manis) - Another Leaf in the Family Tree

I always have warm feelings when I think of "Pop" Mannis.  I don't remember many of the details that Mom told me when she talked about him.  I was just a kid!  I just remember when she spoke of him and talked about "Pop" that she always had a smile on her face and a loving tone in her voice.  I'd like to think that is what my son sees when I talk about Mom or Dad.  He didn't get the chance to know them, except through me. 

Lester Mannis was born in Henry County, Indiana on March 30, 1877.  His parents were Isaac Manis and Lucinda Zorns(Zornes) I don't know anything about his life growing up. I really hope I can someday find some personal information on him.  He married Cora Gibson on April 1, 1895.  I don't know if he met her in the Wayne County area, because her family had spent some time there.  Cora's family had moved to Wabash later and most of them were still in Wabash around the time they were married.  In looking back I see that Lester's sister married Cora's cousin in 1892, so that is probably how they met.  In the 1900 census Cora and Lester were living with Cora's brother James in Wabash. According to the 1910 Census they were living in Richmond and that is where they stayed most of the time after that.  Lester and Cora had three children, Ethel, Fred, and Delores.  Cora and Lester divorced on Dec 16, 1920.  

Lester married Augusta Werts Gable on July 20, 1912.  Lester served in World War 1.  I haven't gotten a copy of his service record yet.  His description is shown on his Draft Registration Form.  He was medium height, stout build, had blue eyes and brown hair. He was working as a millwright at Standard Pattern Works in Richmond, Indiana. The card says he was "discharged on account of(unable to read)Collapsed.  11 day of May 1918. His son Fred also served in World War 1. 

He continued to work as a millwright at least up until 1933, according to city directories.  Lester died until March 9, 1935.  
His second wife, Augusta, outlived him by 30 years.


You have probably noticed that I have used different spellings of the last name Mannis.  The Manis's came to the United States originally using the name Maness. As the family spread out the spelling changed or was butchered many times.  Manes was used by some family extensions. My family used the spelling Manis. Oddly enough, Lester spelled Mannis.  I don't know when he added the second n.  I do know that from the time he married Augusta until his death, he used 2 n's. His father, his children and his first wife all spelled it Manis.  I don't know why the name spelling change occurred. He had a cousin of the same name that lived in the Anderson, Indiana area who was written up in the newspaper a couple of times for committing crimes.  It's possible that he didn't want to be confused with that Lester Manis.  


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  2. Hi Betty,
    This is a neat post. It makes me reflect on why we all like to do genealogy--it's those warm moments you catch that keep you going. Thanks for commenting on my post, too. Looks as if we are starting out at the same time. All the best with your blog,

  3. I enjoyed reading this post. My children also did not get to know my mother. This post is a good reminder that my children only get to know her through me and that I need to share my memories with them.