Friday, January 18, 2013

Milly Lou Hoover Hofer

Okay, I'm down to the last of the Hoover girls, Aunt Milly.  Aunt Milly was born on October 1, 1928 in Connersville, IN.  Her father was the pastor at the Pilgrim Holiness Church in Connersville around this time.  She was named after her great grandmother Millie Matthews Gibson, her mother's grandmother. Milly was only 7 years old when her mother died.  I know her older sisters felt a great responsibility toward her and her sister Betty.  They were young and had lost their mother, their grandmother and step-grandfather who lived near them, all within a three week time period.  It was a rough time in the lives of the Hoover children.  During that time period there were a few other extended family members who died.  Milly lived most of her life in Richmond, IN.  I remember visiting her alot on South Henley Road.

Milly married Clifford (Jimmy) Hofer, I haven't found the marriage date yet.  They had four sons and one daughter.  They also adopted and raised two of their grandchildren.  They lost two of their children tragically,  their daughter, Darlene, and their son, Tommy.  Tommy was a U.S. Marine who died during the first three weeks of his tour in Vietnam.  His name is on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C.  Milly's granddaughter Tina, whom she raised died a short time after Milly. 

Aunt Milly was a beautiful, kind woman..  She died on March 17 2007 at age 78, about 5 years after her husband, Jimmy.  She is buried beside her husband, and her son Tommy.  Her mother and several other family members are nearby.

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