Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Indiana State Library

If you live in Indiana a great place to do research is the Indiana State Library.  They have an amazing amount of genealogical research material.  There are newspaper microfilm reels from newspapers all around the state.  I was able to do an incredible amount of research there this summer.

They also have a huge collection of books and other information to do research.

I also found that the Morrison Reaves Library in Richmond has a great online index.  It lists the articles printed in the Richmond Palladium Item and some earlier newspapers.  I was able to find several Connersville articles in the index also.  I printed  out all the indexes I was looking for and took  the printout to the Indiana State Library.  Morrison Reaves printouts tells which date, page, and column the article is in.

My son and I were able to take those printouts to the Indiana State Library and we were able to find over 20 obituaries and stories in 2 hours.  I was a great use of our time.  This information pointed me in the right direction to discover other important ancestry finds.

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