Monday, February 18, 2013

Item 4 on the Civil War 150 - Checked Off

My son and I completed our next item on The Civil War 150 An Essential To-Do List!

Appreciate the Crater Scene in Cold Mountain

We watched the Crater Scene and the entire movie.  It is an excellent movie if you haven't seen it.  After watching the movie and thinking about what our country and people went through it is amazing that we came back together as a country.  

We as a country have been so lucky that all the people in our generation have never had to deal with fighting in our own homeland.  


  1. Hey, Betty! What a cute pic of the two of you. Your son seems like such a sweet young guy. My mom would have been lucky to have had her kids so nice around that age (but hey, it was mostly my brother who was a brat, not me of course, hah!).

  2. I'm sure you were an angel. I have three children in their upper 30's and my 18 year old. He is just such a mellow personality. He actually enjoys spending time with his parents. Maybe since were older he thinks he better do it now.