Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Please check out this blog!

I have convinced my son who is a senior in high school to write a blog.  He is in an a/p composition class and  he is an excellent writer.  I think it will help his writing confidence to write a blog every day.  He has committed to writing a small entry every day.  Since he is involved in sports, has a tough schedule in school, and has to live a teenage life, he is very busy.

I told him to pick something he really loves to write about.  He plans to study international studies and history in college.  He selected American Military History, and he is spotlighting a soldier in each post.  We have spent a lot of his vacations over the years visiting battlefields from the American Revolution and the Civil War.  

If you have a minute, please drop by his blog and read a post and leave a comment.  I just really feel like that  we give him the encouragement to keep this.  i would really appreciate any encouragement you can give him.   The picture of him is when we visited Windsor Castle last October. 

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