Friday, February 15, 2013

Item 3 on the Civil War 150 - Checked Off

My son and I are completing The Civil War 150 An Essential To-Do List.  We talked about the first two items in another blog.  Most of the items require going to Civil War battlefields.  It's winter and school is in full swing, so those will have to wait for time off.  We are trying to check off some of the ones we can do from home.

Today's Item is:  See the Flank Attack in Gods and Generals

We already had the movie.  My son has watched it several times, but for him to check off we have to do it after we decided to start the List.  We watched the entire movie not just the scene we were supposed to watch.  It took us to evenings.  There are two CD's in the set so we watched one of them the first night, and completed it on night two.  I thought the movie was a very good depiction of the events and battles of the Civil War.

We will keep the record of the completions here and my son can show his children some day.

So there we go.  Three items complete.

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