Monday, February 25, 2013

The Family History Writing Challenge - Effie May Manis Gibson

The Family History Writing Challenge Day 25.  

Effie May Manis was the sister of my Great Grandfather, Lester Manis.  Effie May was born in New Castle, in Henry County, Indiana to Lucinda Zornes and Isaac Manis.  She was born in September of 1879.  Her parents were divorced when she was young.  

Effie May's mom married again in 1888.  They had moved from Henry County to Richmond in Wayne County.  Effie May married her sister-in-laws cousin, Frank Gibson, on March 1, 1892.  They lived in Richmond.  They began have children right away.  They ended up with one daughter and five sons.  In 1910 Frank was working in a hat factory in Wabash County, and Effie May was home taking care of the children.  

By 1920, Effie May and Frank had moved to Niagara Falls, New York.  Frank was working in a hat factory.  I wish I knew what took them to live in Niagara Falls.  Their son, Lemoine, was living next door to them.    

They didn't stay in Niagara Falls very long because they were back in Richmond when the 1930 Census was taken.

Frank died in January 1933, and Effie May soon followed.  She died on November 20, 1933. She was 5 

I have always believed that, Isaac Manis, her father, had left when the children were young.   If that is the case, Effie May must have spent time with him.  She named one her sons Isaac.  She is also buried in the same cemetery in Preble County, Ohio that her father is buried in.

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