Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Family History Writing Challenge - My Mom's last birthday party

This is day 27.  Tomorrow will be the last day in the writing challenge.  I have made it everyday for 27 days. I think I've got this!!

We had a 78th birthday party for my mom, two months and 2 days before she died.  I think we all knew that my mom was not going to be around much longer.  My sister decided that it was time for a big birthday party event.  She rented a building and invited the whole family and lots of mom's friends.  My sister is the family organizer, she took care of almost everything.  

Mom and I always celebrated our birthdays together.  My birthday was the day after Mom's.  My oldest sister's was a week later.  That time of year had always been special, because it was a time to share our birthday celebrations.  This year it was really all Mom's celebration.  

There were lots of gifts, I think we were all hoping that she would be able to enjoy them.  She was living in the nursing home at the time.  Her health was starting to get bad so she needed someone to care for her.  I know one of the things I got for her was a book shelf for her room.  She put her pictures and collectibles that she still had on it.  When she died I brought the shelf home to keep to feel closer to Mom.  It had held her treasure's at the end of her life.  

We had such a nice day that day.  There were so many of the little children running around the room and enjoying their time together.  Our large family gatherings had dwindled over the years, especially after Mom had moved out of her house.  There didn't seem to be a central gathering place anymore. 

Mom got tired very quickly that day.  Her body was starting to give out.  She was there for us that day, not for herself.  She was giving us a last birthday to remember.  It was a few years before I could really enjoy my birthday.  It always felt so lonely after Mom was gone.  I had always celebrated with her!


  1. Ty for stopping by my blog. I'm following you now. I can relate to what you are saying in your post. I just lost my mom in November. It's not easy that is for certain.


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am sorry about your mother. It is very difficult to lose your mother.

      I was kind of surprised that you went to that blog. I had put my other blog on I thought. I guess I didn't or you wouldn't have found me.

      Thanks I am following you so I will get I will be reading your posts and getting to know you. Sounds like fun!