Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Blog's Effect on the Current Generations

I started this blog in December. During the last few weeks I have gotten several comments from a niece who is in her twenties. I have also gotten comments from my daughter who I nearing forty. They have both enjoyed reading the stories about the family.

My niece is one of my younger nieces who I haven't really gotten to spend much time with over the years. After my mother died the family has not been as close as when she was there to pull everyone together and my niece has felt the loss of family. She only remembered my mother as an older woman in the hospital.

The blog has given me a new connection to my niece and I hope it continues it grow. We have communicated more in the last few weeks than in last few years.

My niece has talked about starting a blog now and recording the family stories she has for her children. She wants to do it while the memories are fresh. I hope she chooses to go ahead with it. I know while she has young children it is difficult to find time to do things. I wish I had started writing things down a long time ago instead of waiting until I was older.

A few of my mother's grandchildren, around 30 years ago.

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