Monday, February 11, 2013

The Civil War 150 - An Essential To-Do List Project

My eighteen year old son has always been a history nut and has had a great affection for Civil War History.  We have always visited Civil War sites and have done a lot of reading on the Civil War.  I purchased the book The Civil War 150 An Essential To-Do List in the last few days.  Last night my son sit down and started reading it.  He told me after reading some of the book that he wants to do everything they suggest in the book and check them off.  He said if we have done it before it doesn't count.  We are starting fresh.  You can purchase book at

They have lots of suggestions of thing to do to get a feel for the war.  

  • Hold a minnie ball in your hand
  • Read and watch Gone With The Wind
  • Stroll through a National Cemetery
  • Tour the Notorious Andersonville Prison Site
  • Follow John Wilkes Booth's Escape Route
  • Stand where Grant and Lee Finally Met
We will blog about the items as we check off the list.

We have checked off two items already.  
  • Don't do this list alone
  • Find a Civil War Ancestor
We will also be following our civil war ancestors and the battles that they fought in.  We will be getting information on our Civil War ancestors and working on our genealogy in the process.

I hope that others out there will follow along us, and also buy the book and take the challenge too.


  1. I am writing about my great grandmother, on the Family History Writing Challenge, which encompasses the Civil War years. We have visited Wilson's Creek Battlefield in Missouri and I am sort of hooked too. This week, I started a Log Cabin Quilt for my son who is a Civil War Reenactor.I will look forward to you and your son's journey into the past.

  2. I am glad to hear you are interested in the Civil War and your son is reenacting. So many Americans had ancestors who were involved in the civil war in one way or another. We need to preserve as much of the history as we can. Keeping people interested helps to preserve the history.


  3. I live in the South. So you understand a lot about the Civil War because you live here. I have been working for 25 years to find my father's family, who lived in Missouri. We have reenactments here all the time. I really enjoy the history that goes along with genealogy. I am glad you are taking your time now to do research. Has your son done a DNA test? I have two DNA tests. One is the Y chromosome and the other is the beta DNA. They both have been very helpful in confirming oral history. I have been working about 25 years of my research and I have found it to be very frustrating at times. However, I have found a lot of cool friends over the years.

    1. My son has not done the DNA test. My daughter took the one they had on I'm not sure what that one was, but we were a little disappointed in the results. They seemed to be very general. They didn't really seem to tell much. Maybe she just didn't know enough about it.