Monday, February 4, 2013

Military Monday - Civil War Anniversaries

Some of the greatest Civil War Battles are reaching their 150th Anniversary.  It is a great time to take your children and grandchildren to see some of America's history.  If you haven't visited any of the battlefields they are very interesting. 

 A large percentage of American citizens had an ancestor who fought in the Civil War.  It is a way to connect with your ancestors and get a feel for the lives they lead.  My husband, son, and I have visited numerous battlefields over the last 15 years,  We have made it to some of them twice.  My son has asked to go again this summer and visit places we went to when he was younger.  He has such a love for history and I believe it is because he has spent so much time seeing things up close and personal, not through a history book.  

The National Parks Service is going all out for the 150th anniversary and doing many interactive presentations.  The more kids are involved, they more they enjoy it.  Please take your children and allow them to see a piece of history.  If you live in the eastern half of the United States there is a battlefield within driving distance of you.  


  1. I love the photo! I have many photos of myself with cannons because my dad loves them. I concur, it is a great time to check out civil war battlefields. Even small battlefields are holding special events, which makes it easy in the midwest/east/south to visit a re-enactment!

    1. I didn't start visiting battlefields until my then 4 year old son started begging to go. Since then we have visited a good portion of the Civil War battlefields, and a few Revolutionary War battlefields. Well now that I have been to Europe a few times lately, we have also been to some World War I and World War II sites also. They all represent men who gave their lives to fight for a cause.