Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Family History Writing Challenge - The Bus Driver

The Family History Writing Challenge is a great thing, but today I must have writer's block.  The story lines I had planned all seem wrong.  Yesterday, my story just came so easy.  Today, I hope I have a story.  I think I am tired so my brain is just not up for writing today.  I guess I'll just take a stab at it and see where it goes.

My mom, Shirley Plummer, did lots of work over the years to help out with the family finances.  In a previous post, I talked about her doing other people's laundry.  She also drove a taxi for a while.  She would do any job to help her family.

She was the church bus driver for a few years, so when she got the opportunity to drive a bus for the senior citizens transportation service, she grabbed the opportunity.  

Driving the bus to take the elderly to the Senior Citizens Center,  their doctor's appointments, to the grocery store, and wherever they needed to go was a job, but it became a labor of love.  They didn't pay much to ride the bus, it was more of a service that was offered by the community center.  

Mom drove that bus for several years.  She had developed a friendship with all the elderly people that rode her little mini-bus.
She talked with each of them and found out about their lives.  Many of the people were very lonely.  They were happy to have someone who cared what they did each day.  She would help them to load and unload their groceries.  Over those years she knew most of the elderly people in town.  

My mom worked on the bus up until she couldn't work anymore.  Over those years she made contact with many people in town and made lots of friends.  Mrs. Plummer, as she was known to her passengers, was finished driving the elderly of Connersville, Indiana.

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