Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Newly Found Cousin!

I finally got to talk to my newly found cousin last night!  We talked for over 2 hours.  My cell phone battery went dead and I called him back to apologize, thank him, and tell him we could talk again letter.

He has researched for over 43 years. He said it would be a lot longer if the teachers hadn't decided he needed to be in school and not at the library trying to find his family members. His mother had a copy of the Huddleston Family Tables, so it had him I retested.

My cousin is going to mail CDs with loads of information. He talks about generations of people as though he knows each one of them personally. I guess with spending 43 years with them, he probably does.


  1. That is exciting to find somebody like that. He sounds a little like me, but only for 36 years, not 43 years. I loved your picture.

  2. Grant,
    Enjoyed your comment. Wow! 36 years, I am sure you probably do know all your ancestors too! I hope I am able to stay with it for that long too.


  3. Yipee!!!! I feel like I know my ancestors so well too. I can name the persons up and down the direct line without a chart. My aunts and cousins are always so impressed. But I need my notes to remember dates and places!