Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wishful Wednesday - My Grandma Ethel

Wishful Wednesday is a new prompt from GeneaBloggers.  You are supposed to write about someone you wish you could have met or a day or event in the life of an ancestor that you wish you could have been a part of. 

I wish I could have met my mom's mother, my grandmother Ethel.  Ethel was a beautiful woman and she died way too young.  She fell over one day and died soon after.  She had an brain aneurysm.  She would have 39 in three weeks had she lived.  She left 4 daughters at home, and her oldest son and daughter were married.  

She had some wonderful daughters, so she must have been a great mother.  They were all wonderful mothers.  I imagine her being like my mother and my aunts.  I think I would have loved her very much.

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