Monday, February 18, 2013

The Family History Writing Challenge - A Sad and Lonely Lady

This is my contribution to The Family History Writing Challenge for Day 18.  I am writing this from information I took from a letter written by Jeannette Eccles Irwin.  At a later date, I will post the letter and the translation.  Jennie was my 2nd great grand aunt.  Her mother was Rachel Huddleston Eccles and her father was John P Eccles.

Jennie was born in Ohio on May 25, 1832.  It hadn't been to many years after her father had left her mother in North Carolina.  He took off and left the family alone.  Jennie's uncle made the trip back from Ohio to bring her family from North Carolina to Ohio.  Jennie's  was born either in North Carolina or her father returned for a while and she was born in Ohio. 

Shortly before or after Jennie was born her father and one of her brothers left and the family never saw them again.  They went south to Alabama or Mississippi where some of her father's family was located.

Jennie and her mother moved in with her sister, Lydia Stubbs.  In a few years Jennie met and married William Irvin.  Jennie's husband may have been crippled.  Around 1869, Jennie had a son, she named him William after his father.  In 1880, their son William is no longer living with them.

Jennie must have had some disappointments in her life.  In December 1884, she was living in Boone County, Indiana with her sister, Lydia Stubbs.  Jennie's mother had died in 1863.  She was very sad and melancholy during this time.  She was helping her sister out at the time. She felt like she was old and had nothing to offer anyone.  Jenny was concerned about not having any money to purchase gifts for anyone and what she was going to do after Lydia died.  She felt like she was being left out of things.  Lydia died in 1889.

Jenny moved to Richmond, Indiana and was living there in 1900.  She was living with two boarders in her house.  When she died in January 28, 1907 her body was sent to Middletown, Ohio for burial.  

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